Where to experience that unique Japanese concept known as ‘teinei’

Think of Japanese culture and these words and phrases would come to mind: respect, politeness, mindfulness of others, and attention to detail. Wonder how the Japanese people developed such ideals, much to the envy of the world over? Say hello to teinei, the driving force behind Japanese culture and values.

While the word ‘teinei’ loosely means ‘politeness’, its actual usage encompasses more than just manners. It also refers to the respect you have for others, and having grace and thoughtfulness in your conduct with your entourage: you don’t disturb those around you.

Every member of the society adheres to this philosophy in their daily lives, even the restaurants, shops and brands in Japan – to them, teinei is about the mastery of craft and artistry and the attention to detail that go into designing and delivering the perfect product to their customers. Here are several teinei experiences you’ll discover while you’re out exploring Japan – including a few with Kirin, one of the leading beverage manufacturers in Japan. These experiences are categorised into three different pillars of teinei.


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The way of nature

Teinei is about respecting nature, being dedicated to the craft and developing a new level of refined artistry


The way of the process

The concept of teinei emphasises on adhering to a stringent process that’s crucial in delivering the best product


The way of perfection

The teinei ‘way of life’ calls for putting on the finishing touches to help enhance the enjoyment and appreciation of the product or experience

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